Angel en Provence Lavender Purple Overtone Mask

This fantastic mask will help remove unwanted brassy, yellow tones from your blonde hair. Your hair will be left feeling healthy with lots of shine. The mask has a beautiful aroma as it is enriched with Lavender flower extract, Grapefruit extract and Rosemary leaf oil.



A gorgeous toning mask, design to help rid blonde hair of unwanted yellow and brassy tones.

Sulphate free

Formulated with Lavender and Grapefruit extract as well as Rosemary Leaf Oil, the Angel En Provence Lavender Violet Overtone Hair Mask deposits cool violet/blue tones to rid blondes of unwanted brassy yellow tones while leaving your hair with a flawless natural and healthy shine.

Directions for use

First, ensure any excess moisture is removed from freshly shampooed hair by gently squeezing out any water.

Apply masque to clean hair and gently massage through from roots to ends focusing on the areas where your hair is the most damaged. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

For the best results, use steam or cover hair with a hot towel before rinsing.


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